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    Triplit Release Notes 3/15/2024

    • Redesigned the Triplit Cloud project dashboard with navigation breadcrumbs and a simpler, easier to navigate layout.
    Triplit Dashboard
    • Updated the triplit dev command to support the --initWithSchema flag. This flag will cause the development server to read from the schema file and initialize the database with it. This saves you from having to migrate your database on startup, and is the beginning of our transition away from using JSON migrations for managing schemas. Stayed tuned for more. Note: any changes to your schema file will not immediately be applied to the remote database and can lead to your client schema getting "ahead" of your server schema, so we encourage caution when using this feature.

    • Improved the performance of the Triplit console for databases with large collections.

    • Fixed a bug that caused write rules to fail erroneously on the server and throw an exception on the client.

    • Fixed a bug that caused Or queries to fail when used with Set attributes.