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The fullstack database.

Triplit is an open-source database that syncs data between server and browser in real-time.

npm create triplit-app@latest

Live updating queries

Triplit's queries are reactive by default, so you can build apps that update in real-time without any extra work.
Automatic caching and syncing on the client
Full relational support for querying connected data
Typescript support for all data returned from queries
React Hooks to subscribe to queries in your UI
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import { useQuery } from "@triplit/react"
import { client } from "@/lib/triplit"

export function useMessages(convoId: string) {
  const deliveredMessagesQuery = client
    .where("conversationId", "=", convoId)
    .order("created_at", "DESC")

  const {
    results: messages,
  } = useQuery(client, deliveredMessagesQuery)

Zero downtime

Let your users keep working even when their network connection isn't.
Durable storage to ensure no edits are lost
Retry and reconnect seamlessly restarts syncing
Conflict resolution algorithms automatically handle concurrent edits
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Code first schemas

Write your schemas in Typescript instead of config files or split across a dozen SQL files.
Automatic migrations generated from your edits
Type hinting in your editor
Data validation at runtime on client and server
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import { Schema as S } from "@triplit/db";
export const schema = {
  todos: {
    schema: S.Schema({
      completed: S.Boolean(),
      created_at: S.String({ 
        default: S.Default.now()
      id: S.String({ 
        nullable: false, 
        default: S.Default.uuid()
      listId: S.String({ nullable: true }),
      text: S.String(),

Complete data management

A full-featured database console for inspecting your data and schemas means you have all the control you'd expect from a production-ready database.
Triplit directly integrates with your UI framework
With first party support for React, and many more coming soon
With features rarely found in a traditional database
Relational, live, embedded, and open-source
Runs on client
Live queries
Conflict Resolution
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