📣July 19th release is out!Read the release notes

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    Faster queries

    We've made some major improvements to our query engine that will make your queries run faster. This is especially noticeable for queries with many relationships. Inserts into these result sets should also process faster. Upgrade to the latest version of Triplit to take advantage of these improvements.

    Bun support for project scaffolding

    Triplit has always been able to run in the Bun runtime but we lacked support for our main project setup command, bun triplit init. As of the latest version of @triplit/cli this command is now working with the Bun package manager. We're super excited to get this out -- we're big fans of Bun. To get started:

    bun add -D @triplit/cli
    bun triplit init

    Updated initial schema from triplit init

    When you run triplit init we create an empty schema at triplit/schema.ts. It was a little out of date and not using all of the latest and greatest Triplit Typescript types. We've updated it. Going forward we're hoping to add some more example schema templates that you can use to get started with your own projects.