📣July 19th release is out!Read the release notes

    Triplit: open-source, self-hosted

    Self-hosting guide

    Check out our new guide to self-hosting Triplit. It goes over the various options you have for hosting the Triplit server on your own infrastructure. We cover everything from running Triplit on your local machine to deploying it to a cloud provider.

    CLI documentation

    The Triplit CLI is core to the Triplit developer experience. It has a development server, schema utilities, even a REPL! We've added a new section to the docs that enumerates these various commands, their flags and their arguments (all of which is already available with --help in CLI).

    Bugs and Typescript fixes

    This week we fixed some bugs in the core Triplit database, the console and the CLI. We've also released some fixes for the Typescript types of a few Triplit client methods.

    Imminent updates to Triplit Cloud

    We're excited to announce that we're working on the next version of Triplit Cloud. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.