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    The Experimental Web Worker Gets Way Less Experimental

    Web Worker Upgrades

    Last month we introduced WorkerClient, an experimental Web Worker client for Triplit. It offered several advantages over the existing TriplitClient: it reduces network traffic for Triplit apps running in multiple tabs, moves Triplit local database computation to a separate thread, and allows for robust multi-tab offline support. The WorkerClient now supports almost all of the features of the TriplitClient, and is supported as a parameter for all of the query and connection status hooks in both React and Svelte.

    To use it in Vite, you can import it like this:

    import { WorkerClient } from '@triplit/client';
    import workerUrl from '@triplit/client/worker-client-operator?url';
    const client = new WorkerClient({
      serverUrl: import.meta.env.VITE_TRIPLIT_SERVER_URL,
      token: import.meta.env.VITE_TRIPLIT_TOKEN,

    Quickly copy values from the Console

    We've added a copy-value button to the Console. You can now copy the value of a cell by right clicking on it and selecting "Copy cell value".

    A copy button in the Triplit Console to copy the value of a cell

    Speeding up the Triplit client

    We've made some under-the-hood changes that eliminate some unnecessary work when you instantiate a Triplit client. This should lead to faster startup times for your client and faster responses for queries.

    Updated self-hosting docs

    This week we made some additions to the self-hosting guide with more extensive descriptions of environmental variables for easier customization of the Triplit Server.

    Streamlined waitlist process

    As we move closer to a full public launch, we've streamlined the waitlist process. When you sign up for the waitlist in Discord you'll immediately be accepted and receive an access code to Triplit Cloud.

    Client API improvements

    We added convenience methods to the TriplitClient and WorkerClient classes for easier access to sync-related methods including, but not limited to, connectionStatus, connect and disconnect.