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    Creating magic with create-triplit-app


    We make improvements to the `create-triplit-app` command, introduce a new demo environment, and make the CLI faster to install.

    Improved create-triplit-app

    We've made several changes to the create-triplit-app to get you up and running with Triplit faster. Now you can choose between React and SvelteKit demo apps which come with predefined and pre-configured clients, schemas and environmental variables. You can do:

    yarn create triplit-app
    yarn dev

    And in a separate terminal run:

    yarn triplit dev

    And you'll have a syncing Triplit app.

    Screenshot of the demo app created by `create triplit-app`.

    As a reminder, if you're adding Triplit to an existing app, you can run yarn triplit init in your project to get started.

    New Triplit demo environment

    Screenshot of the Triplit demo environment.

    We've created a new demo environment that you can use to test Triplit from your browser. We've added simulated network conditions so you can see how an app using Triplit will sync in different conditions (spoiler: on the user's device, it always feels fast). You can also build a query to get a taste of our API. Check it out.

    Faster CLI installs

    We've changed how we build and bundle the CLI, which resulted in a significant improvement to its installation speed. Install the CLI with yarn add -D @triplit/cli.

    More secure token schemes for Triplit Dashboard projects

    Triplit dashboard projects now use RSA-signed JWT tokens. We generate a new key pair for each project. The private key is used to sign your tokens and is then destroyed. The public key is stored and used to validate tokens. If you ever need to rotate your tokens, you can now regenerate with a new keypair from the dashboard in your projects settings. Your existing tokens will continue to work until you regenerate them.

    Bug fix for relational filters in filter groupings

    Triplit supports relational filters like

    client.query('shows').where('characters.playedBy.name', '=', 'Anna Gunn')

    We fixed a bug where relational filters in filter groupings like and([filterA, filterB]) or or([filterC,filterD]) were not working as expected.