📣July 19th release is out!Read the release notes

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    A fast path to Triplit Cloud


    We add a 30-day free trial for Triplit Cloud, the fastest way to try Triplit in production.

    Triplit Cloud, free to try, no credit card required

    We've added a 30-day free trial for Triplit Cloud Starter, one of our managed servers. Just create a new project and then choose the Starter option. Select your region, click Deploy, and in seconds you'll have a running Triplit Server. After that:

    1. Run npm create triplit-app@latest to create a new Triplit app.
    2. Copy in your environmental variables from the Triplit dashboard.
    3. Run npx triplit schema push to push your schema to the server.
    4. Run npm run dev to start your app in a connected state with your server.

    During and after the trial, you can add payment information to keep your server running. If you don't add payment information, your server will be paused after the trial period.

    Bug fixes and Improvement

    • Fixed a bug that caused the Triplit REPL (npx triplit repl) to throw error messages when not connected to a server

    • Fixed a memoization bug in the usePaginatedQuery hook in the Triplit React bindings that caused unnecessary rerenders

    • Improved the Triplit Console in local development to better persist state across refreshes

    Stay tuned

    Next week we're going to be releasing of our new permissions system that will allow for more granular authorization models. Join the discussion in our Discord for a preview and give feedback that will shape the final implementation.