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    The Big Docs Update

    More Organized Documentation

    We've been hard at work updating the Triplit documentation. We've reorganized the content to make it easier to find what you're looking for. Specifically, we've added a new Client section that documents the TriplitClient class and its methods. There's a subsection for queries that follows the same principle. We think this will make it easier to find the information you need and discover functionality you might not have known about.

    Narrower Return Types for Queries with select

    Using select clauses in a query should now properly update the return types of a subscription or a call to fetch. The returned entities should only have the properties you've selected.

    Faster Project Installation

    We provide a SQLite storage provider for the local development server that you can use to emulate a production database. As this was a dependency of the Triplit CLI, it was installed with every new project created with triplit init or yarn create triplit-app. We've now made it an optional dependency, which should speed up installation of the CLI. If you want to use SQLite storage do the following:

    npm i better-sqlite3
    npm run triplit dev -s sqlite

    Export Cleanup

    Previously @triplit/client now exports the Schema class directly. If you were importing Schema from @triplit/db you should now import it from @triplit/client and remove the former as a dependency.