Client configuration

DB options

These options define your local cache.

  • schema is a hard coded schema for your local cache
  • storage determines the storage engines for your local cache (see Storage)

Sync options

These options define how you want to sync with the server.

  • serverUrl is the url of the server where your project lives e.g. https://<project-id>

The serverUrl can be updated with the client.updateServerUrl method.

Auth options

These options define how you authenticate with your client database and remote database.

  • token is a jwt that is used to identify the user to the client database and remote databases (see the Auth guide). Providing a token will set the variable $session.SESSION_USER_ID on the database, which is used for authorization rules.
  • claimsPath is the path to the Triplit claims on the token. It should be a . separated string like This should match the value set on your project in the Triplit Dashboard.

The token can be updated with the client.updateToken method.

Use the client.updateOptions method if you need to update the serverUrl and token atomically.

Using client.updateOptions, client.updateServerUrl or client.updateOptions will result in the client closing its existing Websocket connection and attempting to open a new one with the provided URL/token.