Triplit Cloud
Managed machines

Managed machines

Triplit Cloud offers managed machines for hosting your Triplit server. Managed machines are a great way to get started with Triplit, as they require no setup or maintenance on your part. We handle all the server management, so you can focus on building your app.

Create a project

Choose and deploy a machine

Once you've created a project, you'll be presented with a choice of deployment options under the Triplit Cloud tab:

Managed machines options

Once you've chosen a deployment machine configuration and region, click the Deploy button. This will bring you to a checkout page, where you can review your order and enter your payment details.

View your machine

Once your machine is deployed, you can view its status on the Overview tab of your project dashboard. Here you'll see information about your machine, including its region, storage and status.

Machine widget

Use the dashboard

You can use the Triplit dashboard to:

  • Mint API keys and rotate them as needed
  • Allow your server to accept external tokens signed with different secrets
  • Manage your data and schema with the Triplit Console

Copy the secrets from the Overview tab (pictured below) into your app's .env file.

Overview tab information