subscribeWithPagination is a special type of subscription that is used to fetch data in pages. It is similar to subscribe but it has a few differences:

  • It expects the query to have a limit defined.
  • It returns nextPage and prevPage functions to fetch the next and previous pages of data.
  • The subscription callback will have hasNextPage and hasPreviousPage booleans to indicate if there are more pages to fetch.
const { unsubscribe, nextPage, prevPage } = client.subscribeWithPagination(
  (results, { hasRemoteFulfilled, hasNextPage, hasPreviousPage }) => {
    // handle results
  (error) => {
    // handle error
  // Optional
    localOnly: false,
    onRemoteFulfilled: () => {
      console.log('server has sent back results for the subscription');