Triplit Cloud

Triplit Cloud

Triplit Cloud is a fully managed service that allows you to manage your Triplit projects without having to worry about the infrastructure. It is a great way to start scaling with Triplit and is suitable for most use cases.

Getting Started

Visit the Triplit Dashboard (opens in a new tab) to view your projects and create new ones.

Creating a Project

  • Click the Create Project button
  • Provide a name for your project. This will act as a friendly alias for your project throughout the dashboard.
  • Once you have created a project, you will be taken to the project page. Here you can view your project's API tokens and manage your project's environments.

Managing a Project

Your project page will contain the details of your project, including the database host and API tokens you can use to sync with your remote database from your Triplit Client.

Data management

You can manage your project's data by clicking the Open Console button on your project page. This will take you to the Triplit Console, where you can view and edit your project's collections, entities, and schema.