Syncing data

Syncing Data

Triplit is most powerful when it is used to sync data across multiple devices and users. Every Triplit Client is equiped with a sync engine that is responsible for managing the connection to the server and syncing data between your local database and remote database.

Setting up sync

To set up syncing, you need to tell your Triplit Client how to connect to the remote database with the sync options in the constructor. Additional options can be found here.

const client = new TriplitClient({
  serverUrl: '<remote database URL>',
  token: '<access token>',


Once you've installed the Triplit CLI, you can run the following command to start a local Triplit Server (and remote database):

triplit dev

By default this will set up a server at http://localhost:6543, and should display an access token for your database.

You can run this script in multiple browser tabs to simulate multiple users/devices connecting and sending data.

import { TriplitClient } from '@triplit/client';
const client = new TriplitClient({
  serverUrl: 'http://localhost:6543',
  token: '<access token>',
const query = client.query('todos').build();
client.subscribe(query, (todos) => {
client.insert('todos', {
  text: 'My Todo',
  createdAt: new Date().toISOString(),